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Alloying elements when added to Aluminum alloys may produce effects of precipitation hardening (age hardening)solid solution hardeningdispersion strengtheninggrain refining, modifying metallic and intermetallic phases, suppression of grain growth at elevated temperatures (e.g. during annealing), wear resistance and other tribological properties.

  • Zirconium, Zr(up to 0.3%); Vanadium, V (up to 0.2%)       

Iron, Fe (up to 1.1%)                                                         

  • Increases strength due to formation of Al-Fe intermetallics.
  • Decreases ductility. most aluminum alloys Iron is undesirable impurity.
  • Sodium, Na(up to 0.015%); Antimony, Sb (up to 0.5%); Calcium, Ca (up to 0.015%), Strontium, Sr (up to 0.05%)
  • Tin, Sn (up to 40%)                                                                  

The unique composition and excellent properties of aluminum have made it one of the most important materials for engineering and materials making. Light weight, high strength and high resistance to corrosion and rust make aluminum an excellent metal. Aluminum is recyclable and environmentally friendly. Aluminum is durable and has been working for years without rot. In terms of quality and value, aluminum is the most widely used metal after iron and is important in almost all sectors of the industry.

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Aluminum has high mechanical strength, resistance to oxidation, hammering, flexible, ductile, stainless, electricity conductor, and is a good conductor for heat and is known as the second hammer metal and the sixth formable metal. Aluminum weighs about one-third the weight of steel, copper and brass, and is more resistant to acid and atmospheric factors than iron and copper. It is also very durable and corrosion resistant. In addition, it is the non-magnetic, non-sparking, second hammer and sixth flexible metal. Although aluminum is one of the newest common metals, it is one of the most widely used non-ferrous metals. The largest producer and consumer of aluminum in the world is China.

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