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Aluminum alloys are divided into two major groups: Alloys Casting and Alloys Wrought, which make up more than 5% of the total aluminum alloy consumed.

Working or Rolling Alloys: Rolling alloys are standardized (AA (Associatian Aluminum) are divided into eight groups of 5xx to 5xx by the type of constituent metals; Some of these alloys can be reinforced by specific heat treatment, while others are not heat-treated. The alloys are divided into eight groups based on their basic alloying element, and each of the alloys in each group by AA They are named after a four-digit number.

Casting alloys: Aluminum are alloys that are formed by casting to the desired shape. These alloys are also some heat-treated and some non-heat-treated. Each of these alloys is also named by A.A with a four-digit number between the fourth and third digits left of a point.

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