Alloying elements when added to Aluminum alloys may produce effects of precipitation hardening (age hardening)solid solution hardeningdispersion strengtheninggrain refining, modifying metallic and intermetallic phases, suppression of grain growth at elevated temperatures (e.g. during annealing), wear resistance and other tribological properties.

  • Zirconium, Zr(up to 0.3%); Vanadium, V (up to 0.2%)       

Iron, Fe (up to 1.1%)                                                         

  • Increases strength due to formation of Al-Fe intermetallics.
  • Decreases ductility. most aluminum alloys Iron is undesirable impurity.
  • Sodium, Na(up to 0.015%); Antimony, Sb (up to 0.5%); Calcium, Ca (up to 0.015%), Strontium, Sr (up to 0.05%)
  • Tin, Sn (up to 40%)