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Science and experience create expertise, the quality of our expertise results

First ، Fanavari Zob

We hope that with the help of Almighty God we will be able to have a great share in enhancing the quality of the domestic and foreign market together with you.

This unit has ISO9001 Quality Management Certificate, ISO14001 Environmental Management Certificate, OHSAS18001 Occupational Safety and Health Certificate, Esfahan Provincial Brand Certificate, and Qualification of Quantum Standard Industrial Calibration Laboratory.

quality control
The company utilizes aluminum smelting furnaces equipped with state-of-the-art technology and also uses bulletproof automatic dischargers and its quality control unit utilizing the latest advanced testing equipment. It owns most of Iran's laboratories, making every effort to produce high quality bullion.
We are always striving to improve our business by utilizing new customer relationship management systems and measuring customer satisfaction, and making our products readily available through our extensive sales network with nationwide sales representatives. To give. To serve customers

The secret to sustainability lies in technology production
Fanavari Zob Golpayegan According to customer needs, the company has set up an online ordering department so that dear customers can order their products easily.

Raw materials
Fanavari Zob Golpayegan With over a quarter of a century of experience in various industrial fields and having skilled and experienced staff, it has always tried to take an effective step towards the development of the alloy ingot industry using modern knowledge and technology.

The products of this industry group are well known and welcomed in the country, this group cares about customer-oriented and all products of this group have quality guarantee.

.Fanavari Zob Golpayegan Co

Fanavari Zob Golpayegan is one of the largest manufacturers of aluminum alloy ingots of industrial sample unit in 87 and 88 countries and has the leading brand certification in the province in 89. During its two decades of operation, the company directly supplied over 5000 tons of sapco required ingots. And it has supplied over 10,000 tonnes of megamotor bullion.



Benefits of aluminum versus UPVC:
Much more strength
Extremely varied color in anodized and powder paint
High resistance to harsh environmental conditions
One hundred percent recycling
Simple resizing and resizing
Aluminum or UPVC?
This question may be in the minds of most mass builders, architects, or end customers, and they are still hesitant to choose. To answer this question, you first need to see what the differences between aluminum and UPVC are.
Aluminum and UPVC differences
Aluminum is the most abundant in nature after silicon and oxygen. It is also the most abundant metal in nature. The metal is soft, hammer-shaped and non-magnetic. The main aluminum mines are bauxite mines.
The most important advantages of aluminum in the industry can be attributed to the low density of metals as well as high corrosion resistance. For this reason it is very important in the aerospace and metal transportation industries. Another very important feature of aluminum is its 100% recyclability. It does not cause any natural contamination and is completely degradable.
Melting temperatures of aluminum are about 2 degrees Celsius and conductors. According to scientists' studies, aluminum metal has no adverse effect on human health and is completely non-toxic.
Disadvantages of UPVC vs. Aluminum:

Lower strength (despite the use of metal reinforcers)
Less color variation
Less resistance to environmental conditions including discoloration, deformation and fracture
No recycling
Inability to correct due to corner welding

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Fanavari Zob Golpayegan one of the largest manufacturers of alloy aluminum alloy ingots

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Aluminum applications

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